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The Prepositions in Modern Greek

In Modern Greek the preposition = η προθέση (προ + θέτω = in front of + put) is placed in front of a word, whether in a composite sentence or in an apposition. Prepositions are indeclinable in MG, as well as in English. They are placed in front of nouns and personal pronouns in the 2nd and 4th case, optionally in combination with an article or adjective.

The simple prepositions of one word, originated in the MG from the traditional vernacular language are «από», «για», «με», «σαν», «σε», «χωρίς» or «δίχως» and «ως». They are all used with the 4th case (accusative) and are primary prepositions. The most frequently used prepositions are «από», «για» and «με», but the most used of all prepositions together is «σε».
The prepositions «αντί», «κατά», «μετά», «μέχρι», «παρά» and «πρός», derived from the katharevousa, also belong to the primary prepositions because they are used with the 4th case too.

The most important prepositions are «από» and «σε»

  • the usage of «από»:
  • in expressions of time or place with the meaning of: of, from or since
  • in expressions with the meaning of: along, past and beyond
  • in expressions with the meaning of: by means of (made by)
  • the usage of «σε»:
  • in expressions of a location with the meaning of: on, in or to, at
  • in expressions of a movement with the meaning of: on, in or to

(For a detailed explanation of these prepositions see the preposition links on the right side)

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